A Description Of Despair

Image source: Photo by Maciej Sawicki on Unsplash

When You feel meaningless
The world has no meaning also
Taste for life itself has gone
Holding on for dear life
Hoping that there’s still a meaning for it all
Bitterness takes control
The towers fall and the kingdom will soon follow
Insanity has been made normal
Fear takes over
These are the last days of truth
With nothing to show You but lies

Ian Altosaar


Beliefs About Money, And Something You Can Do About Them

Image source: Photo by Jonathan Brinkhorst on Unsplash

The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

It’s beliefs Saturday here in The Mystical Money Machine group.

I talk a lot about investing and making money work for You but I’m equally vocal about my beliefs. And how I work with them.

The biggest changes in my income have come through some sort of change in my consciousness. Understanding what I believe and then working towards changing it.

One of the biggest jumps came when I quit my job, knowing that I was worth more, that I wanted more.

What followed was about 5 months of deep inquiry (which included sitting in the dark naked) about my worth as a man in this world.

In the end I came to the conclusion that I, Myself was the one who was not appreciating my skills enough. And what I can bring to an organisation for example.

After that period I received and offer for a job that paid almost twice as much as I got paid before. I also started taking more aggressive action towards my investments. Which paid off later.

I really want to convey the importance of what we believe about money. Or about anything really. It plays a huge part in our lives.

And I want to give You something that can serve You in Your material life.

About a year ago I was in inquiry about how to change and advance my mindset about money. How to grow and make more of it. Basically, I was asking a lot of questions about abundance, making money, worth etc.

Usually when I do that, something happens. Information comes through a friend, colleague or in my case, dreams.

I had a very vivid dream in which one of my close relatives (who is now passed on from this reality) came to me and explained something about money. She spoke in a very clear voice and the information came through very clearly.

It was about shopping and buying things.

When we go to the supermarket we are usually bombarded with many choices. Lot of “offers” for super low prices and “cheap bargains”.

It’s very tempting to go towards it because our minds think we are “saving” money. In other words almost making money. But this is not what actually happens.

And she described this to me perfectly.

When we go towards those bargains and offers, go for the cheapest price all the time, we send a very powerful signal to our subconsciousness.

We don’t have enough. We don’t have enough to go for what we really want. At least we think so. Why would we otherwise go for the cheapest products?

I started noticing this. Every time I went for one of those “bargains” something in my body contracted. And I realised that it’s actually true.

I was constantly programming myself to think that I don’t have enough. While at the same time with my conscious mind thinking that I was making money. That was not true at all because this will leak out in other ways.

Couple of extra points to make here.

This does not mean You have to go towards the most expensive products all the time. No. You need a more balanced approach towards this.

One neat little trick is to be there in the supermarket, look at the shelves, look at those more expensive prices and just feel into Yourself, notice what is going on. And at the same time say to Yourself “I have the money to buy this.” Because it’s actually true. You have that money in Your wallet, or bank account or investment fund. You are just choosing not to use it at this time. But You are also sending a different signal to Your subconsciousness that is the most important part here.

The only thing that is stopping us is the fact that we fear that we might not have enough in the future. And then this powerful unconscious belief starts creating our realities. Then soon enough this might be our reality.

So next time You are at the supermarket notice this. Or shopping online. Notice what’s going on.

Also, treat Yourself once in a while to a quality product that is more expensive that that “super cheap bargain” or “3 = 4” offer of socks. Get those expensive bamboo socks and feel that abundance on Your feet. That feeling will grow and You will slowly start changing that belief.

You are proving to Yourself that You have enough. And it feels really fucking good to let Your feet breathe through those amazing socks made of bamboo. Or whatever it is specifically for You.

Ian Altosaar

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A New Purpose

Image source: Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

I’ve been observing my own life, the lives of those closest to me and our current society for a while. One of my recent observations is that we are actually feeling really empty and meaningless. This may sound very harsh but hear me out.

For a while now most of our society has been sold on the idea of work (or own a company), have kids, marriage and then have more things, as well as look for new meaningless ways to entertain Yourself. Be it sports or video games or insert the next things that are “hot”.

You can imagine this type of approach to life can leave a person feeling really empty and meaningless. Unfortunately, many people don’t even understand this. They just go out and buy a new pair of sunglasses and pretend that it’s okay. Of course, all the booze and drugs available to us helps to numb some of that emptiness. So most of us stay in that painful cycle.

I believe that deep down we all know that we are capable of more, we actually want more, we want more meaning, we want to grow and evolve as humans. We yearn for connection and meaning in our personal, as well as professional lives.

I’m observing that this deep, passionate cry within us is getting stronger. Much, much stronger. When we deny it, the booze and drug game wins. Or hamburgers or sunglasses etc.

If we gradually decide to go after that call, who knows. One of the things is that none of us truly knows. This is a hard pill to swallow. Leaving behind something we know (but are already learning that does not work as well) for something that does not yet exist. Painful.

But a question to ask ourselves is “What happens when we don’t follow that call?” Here’s a clip from King Arthur The Legend of The Sword:

An amazing piece of cinema, I recommend You go see it now.

I know I’m being overly dramatic but I truly believe that our inner lives will go to shits if we at least don’t start moving towards something new. Something more meaningful than what we have now.

How to discover the next purpose of mankind?

  1. For starters, slow down. Breathe.
  2. Second, drop the new sunglasses hunt, listen to Your soul. Listen to Yourself, or the holy spirits. Listen to someone who has dropped that shit and then listen to Yourself if You have to go through that. I did. I still am.
  3. Third, find a way to connect with something greater than You. Learn that there is more than this reality to this human experience. This will open Your mind to new possibilities to what that purpose might be.
  4. The fourth thing You can do, share that purpose with others.
  5. Fifth, find a joint purpose together with others.
  6. Sixth, go towards that purpose with others who You share that vision with.
  7. And then if that’s done, rest and find a new one. Hopefully even with more meaning.

Ian Altosaar

Another Layer

Image source: Photo by Patrick Bald on Unsplash

From time to time
Things will appear in plain sight
Although seemingly buried deep
Something to explore
To rediscover
Another layer of prayers
Peace of mind is the new currency of life

Ask Yourself
Is it true wisdom that You seek?
Or is it freedom?
Comforting times ahead
If the simple concept
Of wisdom embedded in our consciousness
This is a timely affair
Never too early to get ahead
Come jump in my bed
Let our curiosity find what’s out there

Ian Altosaar

Consider Yourself Lucky

Image source: Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash

The fear of losing who I once was
Completely baffles my mind
The hurt caused by the opinions of people I once considered friends
Still roams and looms in my consciousness
Although I’ve experienced what it truly means to love myself
The doubts and the emptiness still remains
If only once in a while
It’s like a harsh reminder
Of the past and present
A fierce companion and teacher
Who comes to knock and say
I know the days, Your old ways
Consider Yourself so lucky
To have gone through it all

Ian Altosaar

Investments Tuesdays

Image source: Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

It’s investments Tuesday. In order to have good results and become an investor, You need to understand which type of an investor You are. Or would like to be. And even before that, understand what is investing to You and what would You like to get out of it.

Like it or not but at this moment in time we are all living in a capitalistic society. This means we are either selling our time for money, have a business that brings in money or invest money into other people. So, they can do the work and we can make money off of their brilliance.

If it sounds kind of sad, it is. But that’s what we got currently and we have to make the best of this situation.

A good place to start is to identify where You are at currently, and where would You like to go.

At this moment I personally fall under the category of all three types of people but I would like to be in the last two categories. Meaning, owning a business that supports this society and brings in money at the same time. And also invest into other people so they can do the things they find meaningful. I like this one because that means I’m totally in charge of my own time. And if You are in this group, I’m guessing this is what You want.

But just in case You are not clear yet, do a little creative exercise. Visualize, write or just think about where You are and where do You want to go. It’s better to write it down. Then You can come back to it later and see Your progress. As well as make changes to it if something outside or inside changes.

Go do it now, write it down and share it with the group. Or if it’s too vulnerable for You, write it down for Yourself.

Now comes the second part. Knowing which type of an investor You are.

This is very directly correlated to how much time do You have to take care of Your investments and how much time do You have to look for new ones. How much time do You have and want to put into investing?

And there are many different options here. You just have to get clear on how much time do You have for this. Through the years this can fluctuate and You can play different or even many roles at once as well.

The most common types of investors:

  1. Passive investors = this is usually a person who makes an investment or investments and then almost forgets about it (obviously not entirely). They usually take a look at their investment portfolio once or twice a year. Then make adjustments (if necessary) and forget about it again. Most people who are into investing in some shape or form are passive investors. Mostly because of time constraints. Or the fact that they are just not that interested in it but at the same time would like to have a passive income.
  2. Swing traders = I myself fall in this category mostly. These are people who follow the markets, do their research constantly but trade and make moves occasionally. When there is a good spot on the market. They do their best to time their trades to the current of the market. Buy low and sell high.
  3. Day traders = these are usually large institutions and big companies that use automated processes. There are individuals who do this and with the rise of cryptocurrency, there are a lot of individual day traders out there. These are people who trade daily, are constantly behind the computer, use automated processes and are constantly aware of what is happening with the markets.

Being that You are in this group means that You are either wanting to be or are already a passive investor or a swing trader.

The most important thing here is time. You have to honestly look at how much time do You have for this and then we can move on to the next part. Which is deciding on assets we want to invest in.

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I Will Do My Best

Image source: Photo by GEORGE ALEXANDRU NOVAC on Unsplash

Working towards togetherness
When the laws in place say we should be individual
Striving to new visions
While the old ones are being provisioned
What can one do?
One man can go far
With help from others
Look at ourselves
Can we change?
So that we move towards growth, kindness, strength, and heart?
I truly hope so
I will do my best

Ian Altosaar

Mystical Money Machine Group

Image source: Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group I created on Facebook. Monday’s are weekly review days in the group.

It’s been quiet in the Mystical Money machine group. Partly because I was in bed with stomach flu. But feeling better now and more content this week will follow.

Today is Weekly Review day in the group so I want to briefly discuss this. What it is and what can we do during it.

The intention of this is for You guys to bring what are You going through, where You are with the material and if there are some questions about it. Or questions in general. So, we can look at it all together and learn from it.

That’s the gist of it.

So, if You are out there and don’t know how to fill in the Mystical Money Machine spreadsheet, then bring it to the group. I will take a look at it and we will figure it out, together.

Or if You are already out there and putting Your money to work and have questions about that, bring it as well.

The weekly review is for You to bring whatever it is that You are currently working on and need help with.

Or if there are successes already for You, bring those as well. Your success will motivate others and vice versa.

I will open up this myself this week because I have something to share that will hopefully motivate You to get started with all of this.

This Friday (while still being a little under the weather), I turned an investment of 50€ into 897€.

That’s right. That is 1694% ROI (Return On Investment). Pretty nice for a day’s work.

I hope that motivates You a little and kicks You in the butt at the same time.


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Being In Uncertainty

Image source: Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Being in uncertainty
With not knowing
Is like a continuous haze
A mist that keeps on going

People speak and I listen
But it’s gone a second later
Because my only concern is how can I find some certainty once more
Some safety
Some grounding
Although the heart keeps on pounding
A different kind of beat
It did yesterday

So I move through days
Just waiting for them to end
This is what a really slow death must feel like
As if I experience this but observe the absurdity of it at the same time
It’s quite insane to live like this
But why is it?

Is it because of the judgments I have?
They keep on coming
Watching my every move
What if I move too soon?

Well yes
Because uncertainty is just uncertainty
Nothing more
Nothing less

It is there for You as a being to express through
To live and experience
It just is

Right now the understanding is as follows:

Pain is death
And death is pain

But when looked at objectively
Is it actually so?

It is in the resistance of death where pain beings
And it is in the allowing of pain when death actually starts

Only then can life and death merge within consciousness
They become one
Only there is no becoming
It is You who has done the becoming
By growing Your consciousness
To see life and death as one
As a whole

The only reason there is pain is that we have forgotten the simple equation

Life = Death
Death = Life

Ian Altosaar